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Just serfed in. Great site, guys! Love the tunes!
Bill <billn@yandex.com>
New York, USA - Tuesday, October 02, 2007 at 06:00:45 (PDT)

Hi Everyone! Sorry this message book has been down so long. Just got it working - so go ahead and write away again! Also, I wanted to say a heartfelt THANKS to all who showed up to show on Sunday at the FISHERY! It was a blast! :) C U all Soon! -Michael
Michael Perrone <michael@souldoctorband.com>
Valley Stream, USA - Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 14:34:50 (PDT)
Hi You guys sound GREAT!!!
Terabanitoss < Terabanitoss >
Los Angeles, USA - Sat May 5 06:10:22 2007
Hi Everyone, We just wanted to post a formal apology to anyone who showed up at the FISHERY on Septemeber 24th for us. The gig was cancelled by the club owner due to concerns about dangerous weather. We were so disappointed and as it turned out the weather was great and the weather channel was completely wrong. Oh well... one of those judgement calls that comes back to bite u in the butt! Anyway, Thank you all so much for the many calls and emails we got saying you were there and ready to party with us. Your support is sooooo appreciated. We'll keep you all posted on our whereabouts.
- All of us in the Band

Michael < michael@souldoctorband.com >
Valley Stream, USA - Mon Sep 25 14:06:35 2006
Mike and Victoria, we had a great time at the Fishery. You two sound the best you ever have! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and so full of personality. Never stop singing, and hope to see you on 9-24. Atlantic Ave. Crew
Duane + Barbara < dwsoldan@yahoo.com >
massapequa pk, USA - Sun Aug 27 10:09:08 2006
Whats' up Docs? Your music (and the website) are delicious. Looking forward to a 2nd helping. Peace G
Glenn < gkenduck@yahoo.com >
Manahawkin, USA - Mon Aug 14 18:22:43 2006
FOOTHILL RANCH, USA - Fri Aug 4 09:50:55 2006
You guys are awesome! I can listen to your music all night. I look forward to partying at your next gig.
Eric Person < epcreations1@yahoo.com >
Bellmore, USA - Wed Jul 26 18:41:45 2006
Hey Mike! Hope all's well, cute kids in those photos! I just got on some tv show on guitars...the clip is on my site at customguitars.com Stay well! -Scott
S.B. MacDonald < scott@customguitars.com >
USA - Sun Jul 23 20:11:21 2006
Hey Very, Very, Cool Website...!
Bill Perry < wperry@pcompute.com >
Cape Coral, USA - Fri Jul 21 10:07:11 2006
Hi all my Soul Brothers & Sista's! Just wanted to let you all know that this message book is up and working now! So leave us a message... We'd Love to hear from you! C Y'all at the next show! -Mike
Michael Perrone < michael@souldoctorband.com >
Valley Stream, USA - Wed Jul 19 15:50:48 2006



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